Smoking and schools ( Academy)

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joe1 | 21:40 Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Education
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Do Academy School Governors have the right to impose the rule that staff must only smoke out of sight of school grounds ( ie. on public footpath 100 yds from school gates?)

May they also discipline staff that smoke off school grounds within their allocated breaks?

Have been asked to post by the 15 smokers at our Academy.



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Hasn't smoking in the sight of kids always been frowned on? I think some schools used to have a smoking staffroom but I guess they are not allowed that now.
As smoking in the workplace is forbidden I feel that the Governors are within their rights to set rules of this kind. Maybe staff using allocated breaks to smoke isn't the best example for the school pupils? neither does it look particularly professional to have teaching staff smoking outside the school where parents/visitors can see them. Is it so stressful that a cigarette break is necessary? Could they not refrain from smoking during working hours? Afraid I don't have a great deal of sympathy for your 15 smokers...sorry.
When I was teaching in the early 70's, we all smoked as we played Bridge in the Staffroom at lunchtime. Those were the days.
The simple answers are yes, and yes.
The academy may create and enforce its own regulations. If staff are not deemed suitable for work if they smell of fresh cigarette smoke, alcohol, weed or manure then that is in the academy's gift. They probably tell staff how to dress as well.
I have seen gaggles of adults smoking around gateways of schools. It is completely undignified and gives a mixed message to the kids.
If during your break you drive away from the immediate area, have a smoke, clean your breath and return, there's no problem.
Next week they're bringing in the breathalyser, the weighing machine, and the fashion police..............
well the fashion police are looooooong overdue.
I would say yes. I'm a smoker myself but agree that it send the wrong messages and doesn't look professional. the riles are the same where I work, in a healthy living centre. I take my breaks away from the premises. It helps me cut down ont he cigarettes, which is a plus.
Oh, the days of yore! When I was at junior school (1956 - 1960) the (male) teachers not only smoked in the playground but also in the classroom. Not only that, but on a Friday afternoon (free activity session) my teacher would not only smoke at his desk as he totalled up the register for the week, but would also crack open a couple of bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale. The deputy head was never seen without a fag dangling from his lips - we used to guess how long it would take for the ash to fall off.
Where there's smoke there's it's said.

I smoke but advise the 15 of you to take care that you are not fired.

I remember our family doctor smoking in the surgery.................
Many years ago, a friends Mother was a nurse on the cancer ward. She complained frequently about having a sore throat and a Doctor told her to start smoking. The sore throats cleared up apparently and she continued to smoke until she died two years ago, aged 93.
The school story reminds me of Harper valley PTA, I wonder if these school governors are squeaky clean.
it looks like you have been answered but crumbs i hope so!
In my opinion, you employer can make a ruling that they don't want you smoking at work

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Smoking and schools ( Academy)

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