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My Car Insurance doubled after Honda cv ran into the car in front and shunted mine.

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Bystander12 | 02:11 Sun 22nd Aug 2010 | Insurance
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In April, my car was parked outside my house, when this Honda rammed into the car in front which then shunted into mine and rolled. All three cars were write offs. The driver left the scene. Police arrived but refused to find him, saying it only happens in movies. I took pictures and sent all details to my insurer. The third party refused any liability. My insurers at first said it was a no-fault and I would not lose any NCD.
My renewal has now come up and it has gone up to £1100!! I have lost 20% NCD. When I phoned them they said I was at fault, because the claim description was 'multiple shunts', even though I was not driving.
After re-explaing it all,them ,they have now sent a letter to the third party trying to get liability out of him, but refuse to lower my fee. I am sure they are not trying hard enough.
What should I do? No insurer will give me a decent quote because 'mutiple shunts' are now associated with fraud. Another spin to justify their price hikes.
All the witnesses are willing to identify him and testify against him, but its been 5 months now and perhaps not acceptable in court.
Car insurers are the sharks, and like many financial institutions blame the public to make a profit. It's time for strict regulations.


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Thanks Eddie51 for making me feel slightly better. Take a look at this BBC report on the link below. They are laughing all the way to their Banks, other wise they wouldn't be in this business. I am sure insurers are using fraud as their sob story to skin us all. My excess has gone up to £3000!!!!.

Sure, they paid for my write off with one hand and now they are taking it back with the other. What is the point of insurance if premiums go up after a claim. Its a big con. We should not put up with this. We sorted out the Banks for overcharging, now we should turn to these people.

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My Car Insurance doubled after Honda cv ran into the car in front and shunted mine.

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