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Does anyone know of a good Travel insurance company taking someone

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eyeshade | 13:46 Fri 22nd Jan 2010 | Insurance
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who has had cancer in the last 12 months, even though there are no problems that cause the holiday to be stopped or cancelled and all treatment finished - can't find any one company to quote for me. Does anyone know of a company who would do this? thks ES


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Right...don't quote me on this as I haven't been there long...but I started work for an insurance broker and I believe a company called Accident & Health Underwriting do a lot if insurance where some people might struggle to get it because of their's worth a try I suppose....hope it helps.
Try Macmillan Cancer Support (online or tel 080880800). I think they have info on "kind" insurance companies or can certainly advise you where to look.
The websites of several charities (for those with disabilities or medical conditions) include a link to this company:

Try Staysure, i'm insulin dependant diabetic and have an incurable spinal disease , high blood pressure etc. but got cover no problem. One of the best sites I found from comparason websites
I have multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) and although I am not currently receiving treatment found that Travel Insurance quotes for a two week trip varied greatly. One company wanted over £400 and others somewhat less. In the end I got a quote to cover both myself and my husband (with no exclusion in respect of the myeloma) at £76.00. This was direct from Fortis Insurance.
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Thanks for all your advice, most appreciated.! ES
I work for ther post office and i know we quoted a price for a lady who had an op 3 weeks earlier. The policy price would ahve been a lot higher than normal, but they gve her the option of excluding cover for that illness. She thought that was ok as she had been in for the op, and been given the ok by the hospital, so that may be an option.
perhaps not ideal for your case, but may be worth a go.
Incidentally, the covers underwritten by Fortis, as mentioned above.

if you get a quote, giving code 0051047 will qualify you for any offers. (it's a 'branch code' which tells them you picked a leaflet up and didn't find it on sites like google)

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Does anyone know of a good Travel insurance company taking someone

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