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What other treatment might be covered by my car insurance?

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kira000 | 18:48 Thu 16th Apr 2009 | Insurance
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Bit of an odd question this, and could have posted it in B& S instead but wasnt sure on best fit.
Basically, i had an accident in Jan, was hit by a lorry pulling into the side of me, and sustained some whiplash injury to my neck. My insurer arranged an assessment with a nurse, who recommended me Physio, which the insurer sorted out, and is ongoing.

Whilst the whiplash isnt drastically severe, it is still painful, and upon conclusion of a conversation with the physio, she feels that one of the reasons i'm not recovering more quickly, is that as a result of the accident, im finding driving really quite stressful- i feel like any vehicle that drives alongside me in a multi lane road, is going to pull into me like the lorry did - which makes me rather tense!
Unfortunately i have a 3-4 hour round trip to work every day, which i cant avoid, so i'm spending large amounts of time feeling really tense and stressed!
I have been working on trying to relax, but i'm finding it really hard. I even had an upset tummy for 3 week following the accident, everytime i had to drive, just from getting stressed about it! And i certainly havent felt able to deal with the 3 hours each way on the motorway to see my mum since the accident.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what i could discuss with my insurer in terms of any treatment for the stress and tension, or will i just have to put up with it? At the end of the day, i just want to get my neck better and feel comfortable driving again!

Incase it makes any difference, i do have legal cover, my insurers do believe the other driver is at fault, and have started a legal claim for the physio etc as well as the repair of my car.



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Talk to your GP and your physio - they both may have thoughts on what may help you.
Counselling, stress management are possibilities.
Hi kira:

From what you describe I'd suggest that you do have classic symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, a condition which can last a long, long time, many years in certain cases, if not for ever.

I'd advise you urgently to see your doctor, given that the accident was 3 months ago, because it doesn't sound as if you should be driving any distance at all, let alone the 6 hours round trip to see your mum (sorry, mum!).

I'm not a medical "expert" but have had a very similar experience years ago to yours and am still suffering the after effects.

Go see your doctor and get some counselling arranged asap.

Good luck.
I was in an accident in 86 (boxing day as well!!) and was hit left side on by a car not stopping at a junction. I was on a moped.

Even now I flinch a little even now if anything comes up on my left.

Post traumatic stress disorder Pah phoo suck it up mate and get your insurere to pay for counciling or something.
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Thanks for your thoughts peeps. I'm due to be going to see the doctor assigned me by the insurer shortly for an assessment, so i think i'll mention it all to him and see what he says.

In a way i'm glad i do have to drive to work, as if there was a viable alternative, i would probably have taken it, and i would be alot more nervous of driving. Just getting back behind the wheel helped a bit, but still.. my shoulders and neck feel like wood!

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What other treatment might be covered by my car insurance?

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