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HenryFord | 21:49 Tue 07th Jun 2016 | Insurance
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Hello everyone. I run a company that has 30 self employed drivers delivering vehicles throughout the UK. We have a traders policy to facilitate this. In the near future we need need to renew our insurance. the problem is that we have had a terrible 3 years of claims...12 or so claims in 3 years. Insurance is obviously crucial to our business but I am worried that we may not get insurance at a level that allows us to be profitable, can anyone offer me any advice. My broker is unwilling to give me an estimate of costs, but without this I am struggling to assess the viability of the business and every year (up to now) the quotes come in with about 24 hours to spare...not giving us enough time to make any decisions Thanks in advance


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Can you ask for quotes but put a start date that is earlier than you actually need to get an idea?
Try a different broker, insisting that you're only interested in quotes which can be provided by (say) the middle of next week.

Bollington Insurance: 01625 854443
RoadRunner: 0330 822 0358
ChoiceQuote: 01625 885046
Tradex: 0333 313 1111
Finch Group: 0118 918 6699

BTW: Having spent a few years trade plating myself, I'd reckon that an average of 4 claims per year, across 30 drivers, is remarkably low!

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Motor Trade Insurance

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