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Temporary Car Insurance for visitor from USA to the UK

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deanna | 17:35 Fri 15th Jun 2012 | Insurance
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Hi. I have a friend thinking of coming over for 4-5 months from the USA and has asked me about getting car insurance. I have surfed the web and contacted my car insurance company. No one will cover him for more than 28 days! My insurance company won't let me put him as a named driver on mine so I am stuck! :( please help.....


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What is he planning on driving? If it's your car, then he may well be out of luck. If it's a hire car, then insurance will come with it - at a cost.
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Hi SeaJayPea. He would be driving my car. Usually he only stays for a month and I add him to my policy. Seems crazy that there doesn't seem a way he can be insured for longer. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.
See if any of the links here help:

It's worth remembering that (say) a one month policy often costs around a quarter of a full annual premium. You might find it easier (and no more expensive) to seek a full year's policy for your friend, rather than a 'short term' one.


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Temporary Car Insurance for visitor from USA to the UK

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