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daisya | 22:31 Tue 31st Jan 2012 | Insurance
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Hi, am asking for my sister so wondered if you good people can help her out.

Got her car renewal at almost £500 and is now looking for somewhat cheaper with same cover. She's late 60's had 2 accidents in last 2 years one her fault, one not...she has full licence, her excess is £100 voluntary no compulsory. A lot of quotes are coming in around or much dearer than her renewal and most with more excess.

Lowest is Diamond £120 cheaper but total excess £ just £2 more is Admiral. Just wondering if anyone has had experience of these companies are they reliable or should she be looking elsewhere? Thanks in advance for your help she will be most grateful.


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just hit the comparison sites.
Two things. I am nearly 60 and find that Sheila's wheels always come in best value for me. The other is that unless it's vast, I tend not to worry about the excess on the basis that I don't intend to have accidents that are my fault. What I do and maybe your sis can afford to do too is stash the excess in a savings account then you know you have it if needed.
I hate those blooming comparison sites, you tell them what you want, they find you a "good" deal then you find that it's such a good deal because it bears little resemblance to what you want!!!!!!
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She doesn't like the comparison sites either woofgang and she's phoned round too but Diamond or Admiral seem the best but then I've read reviews on them and although some people are satisfied a lot aren't especially as they just take the renewal amount at the time it comes round. Seems you have to be on the ball to remember to contact them to change things or say you don't want it - or that's the way it looks from what I gather. A bit of a headache all round which is a shame.
Saga?? Or was she with them?
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Hi Chrissa, yes her insurer now is Saga and unless she can get exactly like for like they can't do the price promise..the excess is the fall down point there.
Ok daisya. I left Saga because they were too expensive for me. I'm with Swinton. I'm early 60's and I pay £300 per year.
With 2 accidents in the last 2 years anything under £500 is good I would accept the diamond quote or the Admiral at just £2 more.
Be quick, as due to insurance having to be equal for men and women from the end of January it will cost a LOT more if she holds on. ( until now they were allowed to charge women less than men of the same age, but a new EU equalitiy ruling has ended that)
Diamond and Admiral are the same firm. (Diamond Insurance is a trading name of EUI Ltd, which is part of Admiral Group plc).

Those quotes seem reasonable (in view of the accidents) but it could still be worth trying ALL of the main price comparison websites. Further, it might be worth phoning Post Office Insurance to see what they can offer (0800 783 3770, 0800-2100 weekdays, 0900-1700 Sat, 1000-1400 Sun). I allowed them to call me with a quote in return for being entered into a draw (when I taxed my car at a post office). I wasn't expecting them to beat my existing (carefully researched) premium but they found me insurance at a far lower price.

Eddie - the date is 21st December 2012

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