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swiftcover direct debit

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wilkesneil | 18:11 Fri 25th Mar 2011 | Insurance
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i pay my insurance monthly through direct debit, just logged on to the website to change details into my bank account rather than my mom's. i pay £59 per month but if i accept the changes to my policy i would now pay £74 per month....
can anyone shed light or have any experience in this?

i have just finished mailing them telling them i'll cancel my policy before i pay the price hike as i took the price i was given when i took my policy out.
i just think its passed a joke that they think they can do this.


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i think most policies go up after a year, try gocompare or money supermarket and get some quotes, you'll probably be able to get it cheaper
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spam, this isn't a renewal as i renewed in november. this is just a change of direct debit.
i was horrified whan the cheapest i found was £59 p.m (last year was about £350).
I don't understand this.
I'd be very surprised if they are increasing your agreed premium mid term from £59 to £74 a month just because you are changing from one bank account to another. Maybe it's because one month's payment would be missed in the changeover.
I don't understand what you mean by "but if i accept the changes to my policy". What changes?
Are they charging a one off fee of £15 for a Mid Term Adjustment, to the Direct Debit, for one month and then reverting to £59 thereafter?
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sorted now guys, they said my payment wouldn't be made even though it went out 5 days ago. sorted it and now is back at £59 per month.
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yes, told them i'd rather canceland pay more elsewhere than be ripped off by a pre-arranged agreement

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swiftcover direct debit

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