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Loyalty points

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JackDanielsU | 14:40 Tue 08th Mar 2011 | How it Works
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Im sure we've all got a Clubcard, Boots Advantage card etc, but how many "points" never go to people, who dont use their card, or simply dont have one

Wouldnt it be a good idea of these companies if the customer doesnt have a card that the points go on a store card, and then at the end of the month a local charity get the rewards due

Obviously this would cost the likes of Boots and Tesco a I doubt theyd go for it

Any thoughts?


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These companies dont give loyalty points out the goodness of their heart.

They do it to keep track of us. Where we shop, how often we shop, what we buy (and what we dont buy).

They use all this info to target their deals to us and make us try to shop at their store more often. They dont care in the slightest that some points dont get used.

In fact it could be argued that if "spare" points went to charity then some people may deliberately NOT use their loyalty card, in the hope their points go to charity.

And that would defeat the point of having them.

So not a chance of that being introduced.
They'd need to see a return in terms of goodwill in the community resulting in more sales from their act of charity. It's not as if the uncollected points go to waste, they simply aren't brought into being.

And no, I don't have such cards, I don't like being monitored any more than I can avoid. Although I've used others cards on occassion for their benefit.
i really don't care if tesco and sainsbury's want to monitor what i shop for, they give me money back and i'm happy with that. it must get pretty boring analysing my shopping

hmmm single cat owner who likes cake and salad......
I would think the supermarkets have a proportion of their outgoings devoted to loyalty points. If inderspent they have special offers like double, treble points etc.

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Loyalty points

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