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my bloody kitchen light fitting!

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sara3 | 17:43 Sun 13th Dec 2009 | How it Works
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please someone, help me before I get a hammer out.

my kitchen light fitting takes 4 x G9 halogen capsule bulbs which fit inside glass tubes (kind of!). the bulb holders are obviously rubbish as all the bulbs are loose so, if I touch the end of a bulb it comes on, and if I take my finger off, it goes off. ARGGGH! the bulbs are okay, but they won't stay on. (btw, I know you're not supposed to touch halogen bulbs with your fingers, but they are working.)

Question.. can I stuff anything inside the tubes to hold the bulb in place (between the bulb and the glass shade). I tried paper but duh.. it was almost on fire within a few mins. oops! so something heat-proof.

my kitchen is very dark, please hurry.. lol!


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I hate those llittle G9 bulbs!

You can sometimes pull the bulbs and bend the little wire contacts about a little so they make a better connection, but you do have to do it carefully otherwise the bulb won't go back in.
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yeah, I might give that a try, thanks. I have a new light fitting and will be playing with it tomorrow, so if this is goodbye...... it's been lovely knowing you ;o)

PS - I will turn off the light circuit thingy at the fuse box!

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my bloody kitchen light fitting!

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