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My Past, Present and Future.. HELP!

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chazzap | 20:00 Fri 24th Jul 2009 | How it Works
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Please help, Im 17, my parents are divorced, my mum started going out with an *******, he got my brother kicked out, who was 17 at the time, and he has now got me kicked out, i have been living with a friend, but he has a girlfriend and they have sex in front of me and i just feel awkward and want somewhere else to live, i dont really feel comfortable at my grandparents, and my dad has 1 bedroom so i cant stay there either... i never see any of my family, and i just feel there is no reason for me to live now, i have no job after looking constantly for over 4 months, my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me over msn while she was on holiday which ****** me off to the limit... i have no money, no job, no family... i just dont know what to do anymore... a few years ago i quit playing football for a professional team, i still think if i trained up and got fit again, i could join, but its just how to get back into it and how someone will spot me again and sign me up, if i was still there ide get paid alot of money even at my age... but whats stoppign me from training up and getting back into football is a fortune teller my mum saw a few yearsr back, the fortune teller told her she would have another child (she did) she also said my brother would get in with the wrong crowd and start taking drugs(he did) and the thing thats stuck by me is that the fortune teller told my mum that i would move to america and have a job in I.T, now as her other predictions were correct i cant help but think her prediction for me is also correct, and that there would be no point me moving on to play football once again as i wouldnt succeed and just end up moving to america and getting the I.T job she said about... now i just feel like i have no one and there is no real point to my life, i just need someone to answer some of the questions and help me with anything as im giving up hope in everything i do... Thanks... C. x


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Hi chazzap,

This country and British society have been so ruined over the last few years, usually by the EU and PC Brigades, that so many youngsters are now in the same hopeless situation. Even New Labour admitted recently this generation will be a 'lost generation' with no hope of their own home, job or future.

I don't think much of your mother I'm afraid. Why did she allow her new boyfriend to push you and your sister out of your home? A decent parent puts their children before themselves, yet New Labour have now taught adults to put themselves before their own kids - encouraging mothers back to work for example and telling them their children can fit around that with child care.

I would ignore the rubbish about the fortune teller. Your mother believing that is another sign of her inadequency, weakness and general lack of intelligence and character. You should consign the predictions to the same place as your step-father and accept the real world.

Do you know the American Indian legend of the bluebird? Everyone has a bluebird perched on their shoulder signifying happiness. If you leave the bird alone it will stay on your shoulder - but if you reach out to grab it, then it flies away. The more you reach the further the bluebird flies until you stop trying the grab it and it settles back on your shoulder.
If you don't give up hope then happiness will find you in the most unexpected way. No one can say or predict how. You might fall off your bike say, and the person who picks you up is the girl you spend the rest of your life with. Ten seconds later and she would have been gone. Keep trying for jobs and you will find one that suits you and makes you happy. Forget the football too. Millions try to be stars and they all fail. You'll be no different.

Good luck chazzap. Don't give up. When you are really down then things will only get better. Remember the bluebird.

Look on your local council website - try their site map - there will be some relevant section there that will help you get better accommodation. That would seem to be the first priority to sort out.
Then you need a job to start getting a bit of money. Try to get whatever you can to begin with, even if the money isn't great - because one of the best ways to move forward is to meet other people and chat to them about jobs, money & hobbies. I know this for a fact because I never do that myself and I look back and know I ought to have. Keep on looking for better jobs even if you're already in one.
You could maybe still do the football as a hobby - and for fitness - and for meeting more people. If you're a star - someone will spot you. If you do follow the professional route try to know what you'd go back to if it didn't work out - just in case.
And that story about the bluebird - it doesn't mean you shouldn't try to move forward - it just means that things have a way of coming to you (like opportunities) as long as you are trying to get out and do things for yourself. Which is actually logical - since the more you're doing positive stuff the more chances are you'll hear about helpful stuff.
Get 'Anyone Can Do It' by Duncan Bannatyne - which explains that although succeeding at every stage actually is difficult you can do it with enough determination - just total focus & blind tenacity. The fact you asked a question on here shows you already have good initiative at a very young age!
Re the job - 4 months is not too long - it's just a numbers game - I got a job after retraining at the age of 37 (9 years ago) when everyone told me I couldn't do it. I read about another guy trying the same thing who had made 860 applications before he got something. I decided I would stop if I'd not been successful after 860 applications! I got a job after 175 applications - which made me pretty pleased with myself!
at 17 you're at the beginning of independance. You need to earn your keep.

Get money from work; any work that pays! Clean windows/cars/gardening. Sleep on dad's sofa or rent a room to live in.

Forget gf - too early for you to be 'tied down'! the door is open - run through it & grab your future good luck!
Turn to your Dad and tell him how you feel, yes sleep on his couch if you can if not the grandparents might not be so bad once you talk to them and they may help you financially to get on your feet you never know if you dont try.
Things will get better but not overnight,even filling shelves at the local supermarket will put a few bob in your pocket.
Because you are desperate and feel rejected by your Mum you want to believe the fortune teller, pls dont.
Its good to have something to aim for and if you think you can make it as a footballer then try it but if you are just thinking of fame and fortune and then Mum will come to her senses its only for a few that the big money and fame comes to.
Isnt there anyone that you can go and talk to ? and dont ever give up hope, dont be too proud to ask for help, everyone at some time in their life needs that.
good luck
Maybe you need to get into the football training again and that might be the footstep you need to get into America. Also, some fortune tellers are charlatans so don't put too much belief into that.

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My Past, Present and Future.. HELP!

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