Who lives in my street?

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Dusty Bin | 11:38 Fri 07th Mar 2008 | How it Works
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Is there a website where I can find out the names of everyone that lives in my street?


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Just knock on the door and ask them.
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Is that ?

No there isn't is the simple answer.
You could try

I used it a few years ago - you may have to pay though but you can view the electoral rolls on there.

I remember doing a search for myself and then you could view the neighbours.

192 used to be the old number for directory enquiries.
easiest and cheapest way is probably to bribe the postie with a cream bun :)
Try putting your postcode into Google. It won't give you everybody but may reveal some interesting stuff...
haha Tom Braider, I did just that out of nosiness and all it revealed was a list of off licences on my road- sounds about right!!!
Typing your street name into local newspaper websites can also reveal some interesting info.
As Mochard mentions, is the way to go if you want to do it on-line, but, it'll be expensive as there's a hefty minimum spend on credits - you can't just spend a little for a one-off search.

Plus, whereas up until a few years ago an electoral roll search would show everyone on the roll, now there is an option on the electoral registration form to be only on the 'full' list, which can't be sold or searched on-line.

If it's your own street, your best bet is to go to your local library, where you can freely search all the paper copies of the full electoral roll in your area.

AFAIK you'd also be able to photocopy in the library if it was just for your street.
why...... michael paine
go to your local libabry, just ask to see a copy of the electoral role.
As 4Candles and Victims have stated, the only way is to consult the paper version of the full electoral roll. (The electronic version of the full electoral roll isn't available to the general public, as 4Candles explains. It's only available to the police, security services, credit reference agencies, etc).

For many search purposes (e.g. searching for particular people) the paper version is hard to use but it's ideal for your needs because it's organised by streets, rather than by names. It will show all registered voters, so you'll see everyone in your street except for non-EU nationals, children, people who're currently in prison, and a few other small categories.

Local post offices used to have the electoral roll available to consult but I'm not sure whether this is still the case. However local libraries will normally have the local electoral roll available and your council offices are obliged to do so.

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Thank you all very much.

To widen the issue, how could I find out the names of the people in my parents' street in Essex?

I live in Northern Ireland, so cannot nip down to their library or council offices!
As previously stated, the edited roll probably won't help much because most people tick the box, on the electoral registration form, to remove their name from the edited roll. (If you want to check it, you can either pay for credits at or see if your local library keeps the UK Info Disk, which has the same information).

The full roll, in electronic form, is not available to the general public. You can only consult the printed version and that's only available locally. (The Data Protection Act prevents it from being made available online or on CD but the Representation of the People Act requires that local people can check that their name appears on the register of voters). You will only be able to obtain the information you require if either:
(a) you can get someone to visit the local library or council offices ; or
(b) you can contact the local library (or council office) and persuade them to post you a photocopy of the relevant page of the full electoral roll.

With regard to (b), I'm not sure how the Data Protection Act and the Copyright Act affect your chances of getting a library to send you a photocopy of a single page of the electoral roll but you could try phoning the local library and asking whether they'll send you the relevant page if you provide them with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and the money to pay for a photocopy.

To do that, you'll need the address and phone number of the relevant library. See here:

Here's a website that offers the service you want - it lists all teh people that live on a street for a �4.50 fee.

use the "who lives on my street" search box at the top of the homepage:

Just tried it out and It's only �2.50.

it gives you a list of all the people that live on a street:
If you live in the United Kingdom, will tell you people that live in a street, together with their skills and contact details.

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