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Can phone directory books be recycled?

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filthiestfis | 22:40 Mon 14th Jan 2008 | How it Works
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Since phone book directories should not be dumped in the recycling bin because they are too thick, is there a place for them to be recycled? Or is the only option throwing them out? :-(


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I don;t know where you live but our council allows you to put phone books in the recycling bin, and yellow pages as well.
Our dump has a container for directories. I think the problem is the spine.
I did get my husband to saw the spine off so I could throw the paper in the paper collection, but he complained it ruined the saw blade!!
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I live within the epping forest council and the dumpster for paper states we should not throw yellow pages in it. There isnt an alternative but it seems like such a shame to not recycle all that paper.
For information, I found this explaination of why some councils do not recycle directories.

"Yellow Pages directories are generally not welcomed in kerbside recycling collections or recycling banks. The yellow dye can be difficult to remove at the paper mill, while as phone directories are often more than 12 months old, the ink will have oxidised onto the paper, again making it hard to remove."
I read somewhere its something to do with the glue. Obviously this problem has been overcome as they now accept them
Where I live there is fierce competition amongst the kids to see which school can collect the most old Yellow Pages. The winning school gets �300.
I haven't the foggiest idea who organises this or what they do with them, but it might be worth giving a local school a ring.
I can't post links but have a look at
Yes they recycle these in my area too, but I find they our quite helpful if you ring the local council 'number in yellow pages -pmsl' and ask for the recycling department, talk to them about what can and cannot be recycled and tell them your concerns.
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hammersgirl you have a lazy husband.....
there should not be a problem how do they get the ink out of any paper for that matter just another stupid exscuse as for the yellow dye well what about all that black ink.... yeallow is the easiest colour to "neutralize" I have workied in printing and yellow to black spells....non existant, mind you it would be better if the guys that drop the yellow pages off take the old one back and it go back to the people that do the yellow pages and so they can have them all recycled together getting the same quality paper back etc and not "upsetting" normal recycling if it really does....
Fife is okay for recycling yellow pages

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Can phone directory books be recycled?

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