Headstones-How long before fitting them?

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muchlovex | 17:57 Thu 20th Sep 2007 | How it Works
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How long are you supposed to wait before putting a head stone on to a grave?

I am told that the ground needs to settle and this can take up to a year

Thank you


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It very much depends on where you live - the type of soil is a factor and each council has its own rules.

Contact the relevant council for advice.
A few years ago some gravestones were falling over with the possible risk to injury so there were strict rules followed. As mentioned above contact the council for advice.
Yes, it took almost a year before we could put one on my uncle's grave. You have to let the ground settle.
i know that the our council spent a horrendus amount of money on a devise that applied a fixed force to the top of each grave stone, and check if it moves, force was calculated as a child leaning or pulling on it, about 30 or so graves were marked and bunting tape put around each, and letters sent to next of kin to pay for repairs, funny old world would have thought that type of maintanence would be covered,
We Had a gravestone fitted to my parents grave a few years ago, the stonemason was very helpful, he advised us to wait at least 6 months, but said it would be better to wait a year, we actually had the stone fitted about 10 months later with his approval, that was 6 years ago now and all is fine, maybe your stonemason would go and take a look at the ground and advise you as ours did, I think they are well qualified to judge, taking into consideration the type of soil etc. Hope this helps,
Regards, M
we had 1 fitted after 6months so i guess between 6-12months would be an appropiate answer.
I put one on my mother-in-law's grave after 2 days. That'll stop her getting out. It was a long flat one. (The stone, not the M-i-L)

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Headstones-How long before fitting them?

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