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Electrical question - amp tolerances

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ChuffingHell | 11:42 Sun 15th Jul 2007 | How it Works
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Morning all,

I have left this question with the electrician who is doing this job for us but as it is Sunday, I don't expect a reply;

We are having a hot tub installed outdoors. An armoured cable was laid with a view to carrying up to 32amps, for this purpose.

However, the hot tub has now arrived and says on its control box that the cable should have the capacity to carry up to 45amps. Does this mean we need to lay a new cable or is this something that can go through the same cable but needs a different fuse.




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If the cable that has been laid, taking into account any voltage drop was calculated to carry 32 amps, You will have to have a larger cable put in, on the other hand if the electrician has put a slightly larger cable in, (just in case it was needed) all that will need to be done is to uprate the MCB, but only the electrician who put the cable in can tell you as we don't know the cabel size or distance, so you really are going to have to wait for him to tell you, good luck, Ray

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Electrical question - amp tolerances

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