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medication for chicken pox -4 year old

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sair5412 | 22:09 Mon 26th Feb 2007 | How it Works
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Does anyone know if i can give my son piriton for the itching and fenpaed (infant ibruprofen) for his headache. It says nothing in instruction leaflet about mixing medication.



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my advice would be plenty of rest, calamine liquid for the relief of the itching, dab on the spots regularly with cotton wool, if a temperature then infant ibuprofen, if this does not help, then advice from you gp.
Hope this helps.
Question Author
Thank you sleepyfairy. I am applying the calamine when he will let me but some of the blisters are very sore. He has had ibruprofen yesterday and today up until lunchtime, but no more as i wanted to give him the piriton to releive the itching and help him sleep tonight. It's just he is now complaining of a headache and the itching is ok!
Hey Sair,

I would agree with Sleepyfairy, my daughter had really bad chicken pox when she was about a year old. Calamine was brilliant but she did look funny. I also used to put sox on her hands when sleeping to stop her scratching.

Good luck x
Question Author
Thanks banjosister. What a good idea to put socks on the hands! My son would just take them off because he is older. Thanks for the post though! : )
You may get away with it for a while if you don't put them on until he's asleep x
how old is your child, how long has he/she had the spots?
Question Author
he is 4. The first spots came out sat morning and have got worse since. There are tiny blisters all over his scrotum which look immensly painful....
i have just managed to finally get through to NHS direct who said it should be fine to take both medication in conjuction with one another.

Thanks for all your help and advice.
Hope you and he manage some sleep through tonight, at least you can rest assurered that now the spots have appearred it should not be too long until he is better, I found when my children were young there was a sequence of 2 weeks between each of the friends they were in contact with, you probably noticed your son was a little off colour last week, another week he will hopefully be ok.
Take care.
Try a sodium bicarbonate bath it will dry spots up quickly. I sat mine in an old baby bath in front of the video and kept dowsing her with jug fulls she sat for ages. Spots dried up real quick.
Ask pharmacy bout drugs I am sure its fine I have given mine both together before you be best to ask nhs direct or pharmacy
Question Author
Thanks sleepyfairy. I hope so too! Got about 3 hours last night in total!

Winny, I will try that bath. Thanks for the tip. : )
My doctor prescribed me a cream called Eurax when my little boy had chicken pox and if definitely helped him ( you can also buy it over the counter) Just a word of warning, i tried bicarbonate of soda in the bath and it irritated my little boys skin further! Good luck, I remember it well !!
Question Author
Thanks battyjules. I have heard of Eurax. I think my mum has some. I will try it.
My tip for applying calomine lotion is to buy a small plastic spray bottle from the chemist and just spray it on.

My two kids had chicken pox at the same time and neither could bear to have calomine dabbed on with cotton wool, partly as some of the fibres can stick a bit at times, and it was just uncomfortable for them anyway.

This is a tip I have passed on to loads of people, it's far easier. : )
Hi, hope everything is starting to get better, how is your son doing now, have you managed to be getting some decent nights rest?
piriton is ok to give him and you can also give calpol as well. there are topical applications you can put on the spots as well to stop him scratching

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medication for chicken pox -4 year old

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