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why are tax discs so hard to tear on the perforations?

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bednobs | 17:42 Tue 23rd Jan 2007 | How it Works
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surely there cant be a single person who can relaese their tax disc from the peice of paper it comes from without either a) ripping it or
b)having a big lump stuck to the side. Why the hell do they send them like that anyway? why not just send the round bit of paper.. or better still, make it like one of those parking badges, and have it come in the sticky thing you attach to the window anyway!


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Too true- it would be nice if it was square rather than round- pain in the butt to get through the little slot in a circular tax disc holder without either crumpling it or getting a bit turned over!!
I've never managed to do it without tearing the disk.
If they can cut the perforations why not just go the whole hog and cut out the whole thing?
you could try using a pair of scissors!!
What's the point of the perforations then?

do u kno wot this means?

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why are tax discs so hard to tear on the perforations?

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