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Barcodes on lamp posts.

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David H | 02:53 Wed 10th Sep 2003 | How it Works
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After reading roadside devices, I was reminded of the odd rows of lamp posts with a plate attached the size and colour of a number plate but with barcodes on. The usual one is on the A 205 Mortlake Road if anyone in Richmond wants to see them. What are they?


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seen about a dozen barcodes in the 80's that were about 5ft high by 3ftwide on posts down a dual carriageway each about a mile apart i estimated that they were for surveyors in helicopters to read information about road conditions, underground pipes or something.
I would imagine it is an identity mark for the lamp post. I'm sot sure about local authorities, but the Highways Agency (which looks after the strategic road network) keeps a central database of all structures on its network (this includes lighting columns) to make sure maintenance is kept up to date. This may seem a little pedantic, but lighting columns key assets in the same way that bridges and tunnels are, and imagine the repurcusions if one collapsed because it had been forgotten about. Besides, some pub companies number their coke machines!! Hope this helps!
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Thanks Wrighty, there was an earlier reply giving a rough answer I think was about buses etc clicking on them to relay their locations back to the garage, but the few I know about have nearly all been removed now and the buses are probably no better either!

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Barcodes on lamp posts.

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