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gonk_2006 | 20:43 Thu 12th Oct 2006 | How it Works
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I've got a Gledhill Boilermate II space heater\boiler (or whatever it is) and every now & again it buzzes for 2-3 seconds. I think it's the relay on the pump control PCB (i've had the cover off & that seems to vibrate the most) but before forking out �50+ for a replacement could anyone confirm that this is a known problem please & possibly suggest where to get a replacement?

Many thanks


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Hi Gonk,

I am not aquainted with your particular boiler, but as you say it could be a "chattering" relay.

Normally the base of these relays are soldered onto the PCB and the relay itself just pulls off the base unit and are easily replaced. However you would have to ascertain if your relay is off this type.

Hi Gonk, Did you fix this problem? My Boilermate has been buzzing intermittently for the past 6 months until yesterday when it stopped buzzing. The problem I now have is, I can't switch the Central Heating off unless I isolate the whole unit off at the wall switch. Did you buy a new PCB in the end - which one did you get? (Buzzing started after it got wet-long story involving BG!) Thanks, Svendle
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Hi Svendle!

I replaced the pump control PCB and the buzzing got worse. In all fairness, when I bough the PCB (on a no-return policy) the assitant told me that it's usually the other of the 2 PCB's, the delay timer that causes this. This was slightly more expensive but was worth every penny as it solved the problem. I'd recommend replacing the delay timer first & if you're still having the problem go for the pump control PCB.

Hope this helps!
Gonk, Thanks for the quick answer :-) Do you know the code number for the delay timer? (Pump Control was replaced by BG 6months ago) The unit is about 30miles drive away at girlfriends house and I haven't got it apart yet but would like to order tomorrow if poss. Don't worry too much - I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers, Sven
I renewed the delay timer PCB first and that fixed the intermittent buzzing. But the boiler still wouldn't turn off. I fixed this by replacing the Pump Control PCB.
Don't be fooled into thinking the clock is not switching on/off...make sure you test the clock by removing the wire that goes back to the Pump control as a fult on the PCB gives a permanent live at this terminal. I hope this PCB lasts longer than 6months - I think BG fitted a second hand one by the looks of it. I hope this helps others. Cheers, Svendle

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Buzzing Boiler!

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