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i need a fake sick note...for after 7 days off, where can i download?

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memurt | 15:00 Mon 09th Oct 2006 | How it Works
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i need a fake sick note...for after 7 days off, where can i download? this is the first time ive been off sick in 2 years even though im not sick. i have a personal familiy problem i need to take care of... please help!


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if its a true family emergency i think that you wont need a note as it falls under "compasionnate leave"...although dont take that as gospel
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thanks for responce... ive thought about that option but i dont have the nicest / reasonable of employers. Although i might have no other alternative...
if you produce a fake sick note and they pay you sick pay,it is dont be silly,tell them the truth.
I would visit your doctor and ask for a sick note, explain that you feel unable to concentrate at work because of your personal life. They can issue them for stress and anxiety. A personal family problem that needs sorting out is in effect making you unable to work through stress so you are not lying. Most doctors would be sympathetic (probably more than your boss).
you wont be able to get a fake sicknote because when you get one, it is stamped by the surgery.

Go to the gp, and you'll probably get one anyway, honestly, they gve them for anything it seems nowadays!
listen to Kita 1

Good advice I was under so much stress at work ( actually being bullied by my boss ) I never went sick - Because I wanted to "beat" her - which I did lawfully and through the organisation - But while I was enduring my 3 years of hell I found out all I could about employees rights ( what ever you do don't lie It will only come back and bite you on the bum ) actually look at yourself in the mirror - you will probably say " I am sick!" now go to the Doctors - you will probably break down and cry but this is ok the Dr needs to see you as you are not the pretence you put on for work
Good luck - P.S I left the organisation with my head held high - I felt good - I now work for myself and have never been happier or better off
try looking at it from your bosses point of view...why should he pay you for a service he is not receiving. Why not simply take some holiday?
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i need a fake sick note...for after 7 days off, where can i download?

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