Replacing lamp in oven

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nb1 | 15:49 Sat 09th Sep 2006 | How it Works
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Does any one have any idea as to how I can remove the "Easy to remove faulty lamp, just unscrew it anti clockwise" in my Belling oven when it will not budge. It is extremely hard to get hold of as I have small hands that should not be a problem. They state in manual that I should use a cloth, OK I did, but no go and I don't want to break it. I've tried a damp cloth too. I did switch it off!


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Try wrapping some gaffer tape or masking tape around the bulb to give a better grip.
I've had to do this several times. The d**n things sieze in, due to the heat.

If you can't do it with the cloth or the tape trick, you may have to smash it, then use small long-nosed pliers into the base to get leverage. Remember to switch it off first. Break it with a plastic bag over it, to catch all the bits, and mind your fingers!
If it is seized, it's sometimes possible to release by wriggling the top in a CLOCKWISE direction to break the crusty seal. Quite a few revolutions will be needed (10 or so ) before you try to undo it in the normal anti clockwise direction. Always use a cloth or glove to avoid cuts if the glass breaks.

Good luck.
Appliance lamps are best changed while the surrounding area is very warm, but please wear gloves as blood makes a mess, and please switch OFF the appliance as someone else allways gets the job of removing the body if you get electrocuted.

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Replacing lamp in oven

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