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Manxperson | 12:32 Wed 09th Aug 2006 | How it Works
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Anyone any ideas on how to clean a masonic apron?


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i assume it is one of the leather ones with the metal insignia? Use saddle soap or possibly teak oil , as u would use on a leather chesterfield sofa. The leather ones date back to at least last century if u mean one of these.
why would anyone wear a leather apron is it a bit kinky ?
My Husband has one very old apron they are usually lamb or kidskin and are impossible to clean successfully.A damp cloth wrung out in a little bit of liquid detergent might just lightly clean the surface.Try a small corner first.
why do masons need to wear aprons ?
Crete. Because ancient stone masons wore protective aprons. It's all part of Masonic symbolism.
Crete, I'm not sure you should be asking such questions, if they tell you, they will have to track you down and kill you!!

allegedly !!!!

If you want a good laugh look up the Free Mason initiation ceremony, its a screech!! I promise!!
i sent mine to sketchleys,ive included a pic below of how it came job. sonic-apron.jpg
Masons wear aprons to avoid getting their trousers grubby.
Mr_pointment, If that's what its like after cleaning, god only knows what it was like before it was cleaned, what you bee doing to get it so stained, or this one of those secrets. I remember when I was 10, I had a secret club with an initiation ceremony.
If you have any queries about apron cleaning just pop down to your local nick, it's rife in the Police force.
Judges, lawyers, barristers, bank managers. Dodgy so ans so's.
Maybe you should ask some of your secret society friends.
Question Author
Thanks for those who tried to help. unfortunately the bigoted clowns seem to be to the fore. Maybe if they asked more questions instead of preconceived ideas.They would find that Freemasonry is the 4th Largest donators to charity in the UK, and it's their own money they donate not monies collected from the public.
Glad they do donate.
Ever met a skint freemason?
RH Dry Cleaning in Torquay offer this service - it costs £25 per apron plus the cost of insured postage

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