SAMSONITE SUITCASE, combination lock

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99hammer | 19:14 Fri 17th Feb 2006 | How it Works
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We have a samsonite suitcase with a three digit lock on it. My daughter has changed the code inside the case and locked it. Tried every combination from 0 to 999.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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If you've really tried all the combinations then there's no hope, but probably you've passed it and not had the wheels exactly in line. These locks are not very sophisticated, and it's usually possible to decode them by working on one wheel at a time, looking for the position where there is a bit more play than the others. The difference is small - just move it sideways with your fingertip and watch. When you're convinced about the first wheel, move on to the second and third - but you may have to back-track once or twice. Be patient - good luck!

One this happened to me. We managed to take it back to a place with a guy who knew what he was doing with these locks, and he had it open in seconds. Presumably with some sort of tool.

My suggestion would be to phone up a locksmith, or someone like that. They may be able to help you.
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Thanks for that, it worked !!

the people on this site are ace !

What worked ????????

The locksmith or diy version

It would be an insight as i've just spent a few bob on 2 said hard cases with comcination locks

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the answer from tony worked, but the lock is not as it was, but it still functions



Thanks so much; your comments were just what I needed to solve my problem.

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SAMSONITE SUITCASE, combination lock

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