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Why don't irons have on/off switches?

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LoungeLizard | 17:53 Sat 14th Jan 2006 | How it Works
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They have a thermostat that regulates the temperature! If you were to switch an iron on and off, it would use an enormous amount of electricity each time to recharge and would not be viable.

probably a safety thing - to make you less likely to leave it plugged in when not in use and operate it from the on/off switch.

as some aren't cordless, recharging isn't an issue surely?

Probably because it is unnessacery.

The majority of people will use an iron wait for it to cool by unplugging it then put it away !.

Let's face it they arn't nice to look at!

For the same reason that wives don't?
Wives might not have an on/off switch but they most definately have a ON and OFF mode of operation.

I have one of the irons with a steam tank. It's not one of those expensive ones. I have to wait for the tank to heat up.

Anyway Mine has on off switch!!!

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Why don't irons have on/off switches?

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