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Ethernet Splitter

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paul1763 | 11:39 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | How it Works
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Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone knows of a device I can buy to physically switch from one Ethernet port to another? As things are now I have 75m of cable that terminates in my chicken shed connected to a camera that I enjoy watching when I'm in the house. Also next to the camera there's another 50m Ethernet cable that terminates in another shed into a router so I can access YouTube and internet . At moment I physically unplug camera in morning so I can plug in other cable to have internet all day and reverse process when Ive finished for day. I'm renewing one or other cable too often as obviously these plugs and sockets are quite fragile due to thickness of wires and pins. I hope one or more of you understands what I'm asking as I'm not sure myself. Many thanks for any advice you can offer.



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Not particularly expert, but seems to me that you need to replace your router with one that has more than one ethernet input.

It appears a 2 Port Network Switch will accomplish your desired task. User Recommendation

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Thanks both for your answers, psalmEquipt you took me just to what I needed, so I grabbed one from eBay, same sort of delivery date but half the price of Amazon item you linked for me. Once again thanks both for your answers 

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Ethernet Splitter

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