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Mira Advance Flex Shower.

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ladybirder | 11:54 Sat 25th May 2024 | How it Works
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Good Morning All (just).  Can anyone advise me on what to do about my 3 year old shower to stop it suddenly going cold on me?  It's OK for a few minutes then the control button light starts to flicker and I'm in trouble. Water goes to what feels like freezing cold.  I'm being as quick as I possibly can be to try to avoid it happening and I nearly managed it this morning but no, just as I'm rinsing the shampoo off my hair it did it again.  Brrrrh!

Odd thing is when I told a couple of people about it yesterday it didn't happen but that could be because they didn't keep it going long enough.

Any ideas anyone?  Thank you.



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Pressure/flow issues ? Probably best to get a plumber or shower maintenance person out to check it over.


Not got someone in the kitchen turning taps on have you ?

Lady Birder...

That's the all-electric one isn't it?  (either 8.7 or 9.8kw)

That's really disappointing for such a high quality shower. If the electric element keeps cutting out, it's usually a thermostat problem.

Don't let any old plumber start fiddling with it unless he's really up on these models. I would recommend calling Mira.

0800 001 4040

They'll arrange a visit from a proper 'Mira fella.'

Question Author

No OG I havent.

TB yes it is an all electric one. So I was not sure whether to call a Plumber or Electrician.

Before I call a anyone a neighbour has suggested I do as suggested in this link and I'd like your opinion before I do. I don't want to do any harm. Thanks TB.



Worth a try. It'll be free and if it doesn't fix the issue then you can still phone.

I have a Triton electric shower and this happened to me too.  Dug out the instructions booklet and the fault finding section suggested that it could just be that the filter needed cleaned.  Out came the spanner and I went to work.  Hey presto, it works fine now.  However, I believe not all showers have filters so this may not help.


Question Author

Can't argue with that OG, thank you.

Question Author

Ah jellybean, I suppose I must have a destruction book somewhere.  

May find the right one amongst this little lot:



Question Author

Thank you OG.  

Yes, Mira's suggestions are well worth a try. You can't do any harm.

Definitely worth cleaning the shower head too. Check OG's manual for any sign of a filter. I was interested in Jellybean's comment but I'm not entirely convinced. I would expect a resrtiction in a filter would show up as soon as you turn it on, but yours runs Ok for a while.

All these things are well worth checking before you call someone though. Keep us posted.

I think your in jail. Thats a jail shower.

Call your friends for bail money.


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