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Thunderstorm Fact Or Fiction?

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barry1010 | 08:24 Sun 12th May 2024 | How it Works
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There is a yellow warning for thunderstorms in my area today, which has reminded me of my mother.

I grew up without a fridge and my mother was always careful to only buy pork on the day we ate it in the hot weather.  This didn't apply to ham or bacon as that is cured and immune, apparently.

If thunder was forecast she wouldn't buy it all as the pork would go off almost instantly.  Her best friend was an undertaker and she agreed as bodies deteriorated much quicker when there was a thunderstorm (she didn't have a fridge either), in her experience.  'We are very like pigs', she would say.

Any truth in this?  



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First I've heard of it, but you have a golden opportunity to test this out.

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It wouldn't defrost in time, OG

There was an episode of New Tricks where the story centred on a circus. In an endeavour to simulate how long it would take for a person to burn in a caravan an experiment was set up and a large, dead pig was placed inside a caravan as the animal was understood to be the nearest equivalent to a human body, apparently.

My grandmother reckoned milk and butter went sour  when storms happened.  We didn't have a fridge when I was a child I told her it was more likely due to the warmer weather that precedes a storm but she wouldn't accept it.  

But then she covered mirrors in a storm,switched off the tv and electric lights ... No wonder my little sister was terrified of storms when she was a child.

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Pig parts are used in transplant operations, too.


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Rowan, my grandmother was the same.  She sat on the cellar steps during a thunderstorm in case the house was struck.

and if the wind changes while you pull a funny face you'll be stuck like that....😂

Speaking from experience ?

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I know!  It happened to me.  I was a very beautiful baby, then the wind changed

A lady I knew - chain smoker - had pig's lungs implanted. It helped but she's probly dead now though.

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Pig's lungs?  Are you sure?

that's what she told me - I never met the pig

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Thunderstorm Fact Or Fiction?

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