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Pension Credit Payment Delay

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pastafreak | 12:45 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | How it Works
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I had to report a change in circumstances last week. I've not received today's payment, and there was no indication that it would be delayed when I spoke to DWP. Is this normal?



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It shouldn't have delayed your payment.

It depends on what the change of circumstances is.  

Not much help if you are expecting it today.


The payment can still be made today.  Possibly up to 8pm.

Question Author increase in private pension.

gylly...thanks...that's good to know. I usually get it overnight. 

That shouldn't delay your payment.  


(Disclaimer:  I stopped working for DWP in 2004)

Question Author

Lol...I have my doubts. The fact that supplying information can only be done by trusting Royal Mail and writing to them, or enduring an hour or more 'on hold' makes me distrustful. 

As you had an increase in private pension maybe you no longer qualify for pension credit? 

They should however notify you either way. 


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Pension Credit Payment Delay

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