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Connecting wall lights to mains

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kgiannouka | 12:10 Tue 13th Dec 2005 | How it Works
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I have connected 3 wall lights (correct wiring to terminals - live/red and neutral/blue - as indicated in diagram). All 3 lights are controlled by the same two-way light swich system.

Two of the lights work (illuminate), but one does not. I suspect it has something to do with the two-way central lights swithes, but don't know what the problem is. Each of these lights also have manual switches on the actual light fittings. The eaarth wire is not connected, as indicated in the installation diagram.

I have a similar problem with a separate set of 3 lights (also controlled by a two-way switch system). With this set, I first connected one simple wall light which worked, but then, when I added the other two, none would work. The first light does not have a manual swich on the unit but the last two do (not sure if this impacts). This set has the eath wire connected as shown in the diagram.

What am I doing wrong? (other than not just calling the electrician). I live in Belgium and the house/wiring is relatively new.


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Hi, If one light works then all three should work if they are all connected together, if not then it must be a problem with the individual switches on each light or the lamp holders are damaged or the lamps are burned out.

By the way if the lights are metal you should not leave the earth wire disconnected.

As quapmoc said, the switchs on the lights should be on. Usually the three lights would be connected together from the light terminals, but it could be that the switch carries more than on feed to the lights. I.e. if previously the lights were switched two at a time and a seperate switch for the third, or similar arrangement.

What was on the wall before you fitted the lights? I can only imagine that you broke the circuit while fitting the other two lights (if one worked before and none after).

Are you sure you are making the connections properly on to the bare wire and not the insulation, easily done!
Nice one SM, I forgot that one, I have to admit that the first time this happened to me (many years ago) it took me ages to figure out what the hell was going on.
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Thanks guys! In the end I called the electrician - he eventually figured it out and had to remove one of the manual swiches from the lights, which seemed to work. But he was pretty impressed with my attempt - almost as much as I was! BTW - he charged me �60 for the effort - aparently it took him 2h. And you guys figured it out without even seing my handywork!!!

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