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Thisoldbird | 21:56 Sat 02nd Oct 2021 | How it Works
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Has anyone used one of these clocks?

My disabled husband is waking me at all hours asking the time..

Theres such a variety on Amazon I'm not sure which one to order.

Many thanks


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I've not used one but I like my clocks to be the sort that pick up a radio signal from the atomic clock at the National Physical Laboratory. As it's got an accuracy of no more than a 1 second error in a 138 million year period, there's a pretty good chance of it showing the right time ;-)

With that in mind, and looking for the best customer reviews on Amazon (as well as a decent price and mains power, so that you don't constantly need to change the batteries), this is what I'd go for:
How does it actually work? Do you ask the clock what the time is?
It projects the time on to a wall or ceiling in big digits
do you have to push a button or does it do it all night? Anyone disabled might have trouble if they need to push anything.
The projection can be set to stay on if it is plugged in to the mains
I've just got a regular backlit clock that is visible day and night. I may need to turn over to read it, and perhaps that might be awkward for thisoldbird's old man?
Probably needs his glasses to read it, jno.
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Thank you for suggestions and advice.

Once he is in bed he can't reposition himself, without help, plus without his glasses it needs to be big letters.
I might have to but an voluminous wall clock.

I remember saying 'for better for worse' 63 yrs ago, but I didn't imagine for one minute being this old age and the difficulties that it brings with it..
Once again many thanks..

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So sorry for my spelling this morning..predictive txt at its worst..
I think the projection clock would work well for you and your husband. If you buy one that can adjust the angle of the projection you will be able to position it so that your husband can easily see the time.

The light from it shouldn't keep either of you awake but some people are very sensitive to that sort of thing.

I suspect, though, that he will keep asking you the time just to let you know he is awake and to reassure himself that you are, too. Being awake at night is a very lonely place
I have an Oregon one and it is great
Easy to use and you can position it wherever you like without banging nails into a wall etc
Mine is projected onto the ceiling

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