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needawin | 16:10 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | How it Works
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Few months ago I fitted a push open and close click clack wash band basin waste outlet.
Takes forever for the water to drain. Google says this is normal.
Can I take the top chrome disc top out and just use a normal stopper in its place or does the sink need to come out again and replace unit with a different type of waste outlet?


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My sink plug stopped working - the lever that operates it had rusted & broke. I replaced it with an ordinary chrome plug on a chain. The only thing is there is no "grill" in the plughole so small items could fall down into the trap.
Funny you should ask that, Needy......
I need to do mine, but I keep putting it off.
I have the type with a square chrome top that you can unscrew and take off.
You may have the "pop-up" round one.
It probably seals with a couple of rubber "O" rings.
Fiddle around until you can grab the thing and pull it right out.
You will most likely find out where your hair has been going.

There are different types.
What style of basin do you have?
Inset/pedestal/one that sits on a worktop?
The click clack screws into the bit at the bottom of the plug hole so you should be able to unscrew it and use a normal plug, I just had to replace one of ours with a new one and followed this guy as I thought it was built into the sink trap and I'd have to change that!
The same happened to me and a plumber told me that it is a common problem with this type of 'plug', I unscrewed mine and threw it away and just use a normal rubber sink plug now, so far after about a year. i've had no problems.
I just unscrew ours occasionally and clean and keep the one that has a mechanism to pop up plug lubricated with WD40
Have you checked that the trap directly underneath the drain hole in sink is not blocked? Was sink draining ok before?
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Thanks to all who responded.
To answer all.
Waste flow was perfect before I fitted the new one. Waste pipe underneath cleaned before fitting new one.
It's a pedestal type basin.
Have tried to remove the silver top of the new one without success.
Have tried to unscrew, pull up with no success.
Don't want to damage anything.
Any ideas. Maybe this is a type where the top part does not disconnect until the complete unit is removed!
Well I don't know what you've done there Needy ;o(

Some types have a threaded rod that is adjustable so that you can set the "travel". That is, the distance that it pops up.
Is it popping up enough to let the water out properly?

Can you link to the actual one you used?
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Screwfix item 73414
Nothing wrong with that one. I've fitted many of them.

I can only think that it is stuck down. There's probably a rubber O-ring inside which does the sealing.
It must surely be binding on the o-ring.
It should pop up a fair distance to let the water out. I guess it's not doing that. When it's up, you should be able to grab it easily to rotate it or unscrew it.
In your position, i would unscrew the whole waste and take it out to inspect. With a traditional pedestal type, you can do that without having to remove the basin from the pedestal.

While we're at it. Are you sure you wanted an "unslotted" one? Pedestal basins usually have an overflow.
This is bugging me :o(
I've had a word with m'colleague.

Rather than being stuck down... we reckon you've fitted it without adjusting it first. It's just a threaded rod. You lift the thing out, and keep turning it until it's in the right position.............. that is... pushes down enough to seal, and pops up enough to let the water out.
These things are "easy-clean". Put a screwdriver blade under the lip and give it a heave.
Don't forget the "slotted" question though.
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Sorry! What is the slotted question?
Are you sure you wanted an "unslotted" one? Pedestal basins usually have an overflow.
I've come across this problem in the past, the click clack. You will find that the mechanism inside has started to get seized up. If you can't unscrew the plug off to get to the mechanism ( you should be able to) then lift it up as best you can and spray some silicon lubricant inside/ underneath.
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Tried everything with no success getting top off

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