Cleaning Up After Murder In The Home

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barry1010 | 11:30 Sat 27th Feb 2021 | How it Works
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I watched a tv drama recently where a man was shot dead in his home. Of course the family had to move out whilst police investigated but when a man had been charged and the family allowed to return the blood and brains were still there.
I know the drama isn't real but does that really happen? It would be very traumatic and I was sure the police sent in specialist cleaners before the family went home although I was never sure who paid for this.
Does anyone the usual procedure in this sort of incident?


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i've always wondered who pays for a new carpet when csi have cut a square out of it?
Is this why you were frantically scrubbing your kitchen floor earlier. How's Mrs Barry!! ;-)
It's patched with the attitude that flows from the lead characters.
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Ha ha, Apc :D
In the drama, 'The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries', the true story of the murder of Joanna Yeates in Bristol, it showed that after the forensics had finished in Mr Jeffries house, he had to go back and clean the place himself, the police turned his place upside down. He was completely innocent and was hung out to dry by the press. If you haven't seen this TV drama a must watch, very powerful and of course, very sad, that poor girl Joanna.
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I did see that drama, Jason Watkins was excellent.
If you're referring to The Bay that's the least of the questions I have about the ending! Why was the young detective killed and by whom? They seem to have forgotten all about him in the end.
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You're right, it was The Bay. I agree about the ending, maybe that will be addressed in the next series. We did see Lisa reassuring Med's widow that they were close on catching his killer and she wouldn't give up but it was still unsatisfactory.
I watched "The Bay". It wasn't a bad yarn, but it took six weeks to relate a story that could have been covered in about 30 minutes. All the diversions with DI Manning's marriage and the other cove (Jo Absolom - Andy?) turning up were totally unnecessary. They could have spent that time dealing with who ran over the DC.

Agreed, the state of the place when the family returned was a disgrace.
re the bay, why was high profile actor Stephen Tompkinson cast as the murder victim in the first minute, never to be seen again?
aelmpvw,Probably because he had to get sanded down again,he is so wooden.
Quite so, ael - I assumed there would be loads of flashback scenes for him to earn his corn - but it looks like he just pocketed his wedge and rode off into the sunset.

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Cleaning Up After Murder In The Home

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