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Letters To Santa?

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B00 | 18:38 Tue 26th Dec 2017 | How it Works
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Hello, Merry Christmas everybody.

Yesterday my grandson asked me what Santa did with the letters he received, to which I told him he kept them all in a scrap book (!!)

Anyhoo, it got me thinking...what does Royal Mail do with the letters that are posted to him via our letter boxes?


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No rum do letters to Santa and so do other companies...
18:55 Tue 26th Dec 2017

I have not got a clue but can you imagine the outroar if they were dumped somewhere and they were 'discovered' and details released.

The Daily Mail would then reveal that Santa doesn't exist .....

There would be traumatised kiddies everywhere looking for compensation.
There's a huge landfill site in Lapland.
There are many companies that do this and send the children letters back from “Santa” free of charge, regarding random letters sent out and even those to companies they’re unfortunately sent to the recycling bin. An idea to tell kids is that they’re mixed up with magic elf dust and given to the reindeers to eat as that what makes them fly.
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Sorry, not following you, are you saying Royal Mail forward the letters to companies who then do what with them Jahulaye?
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And yes, I like the elf dust idea, and it's one which I wish i'd thought of, however I was put on the spot at the time and came up with the first thing that entered my head that sounded reasonably plausible.
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So recycled them?

Cheers :-)
They're shredded and used as bedding for the reindeer.
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Oh no, grandson wouldn't like the idea his letter gets ripped up and crapped on Douglas, lol
No worries there, the magical beasts only expel perfumed glitter and pink lemonade.
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lol @ douglas, wish we could award BA to two replies, the factual and the one that made us laugh.

Merry Crimble x
Don't tell the kids!
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lol ;-)

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Letters To Santa?

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