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ellie44 | 13:55 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | How it Works
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when I flush my toilet the water still dribbles into the pan . How can I stop this please


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One of two problems is probable:

First, (and most likely) your cistern could be overfilling. This is probably because of wear on the valve that shuts the water off when it is full. Older cisterns used to have a separate overflow pipe to the outside. Newer ones have an overflow pipe that simply feeds into the pan.

Secondly (less likely but more troublesome) the water could be getting past the membrane at the bottom of the cistern which releases water into the pan when you flush. This could be caused by wear or crud.

The first is a simple job (will probably take a plumber twenty minutes). The second is a bigger job and may involve removing the cistern from the wall (depending on the design).

Quite simple to adjust .

This is a more modern cistern fitting.
Yes adjusting it may do the job. But if it was OK and has suddenly started letting by the chances are it is either worn of crudded up.
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thank you all will give it a go
You need to spend longer wiping.

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