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Intarsia Knitting - Colour Change Point Varied/random

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LittleSquidge | 16:48 Tue 14th Feb 2017 | How it Works
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I am knitting this pattern:

I understand the basis of intarsia knitting, but I can't find any videos or text to show me what to do with the wool/yarn where the colour change point is 5-10 stitches further over compared with the previous row.

The only videos/text I can find show tutorials for knitting perhaps a square of different colour - where the change point is always within 1 stitch.

However, I want to create fluid, random changes of colour as shown in the image provided by the pattern writer.

Should I just have a section of yarn/wool on the back of my work covering the 5-10 stitch distance each time? Surely it cannot be that messy as would catch?


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Many years since I knitted something using intarsia but I had the wool in´" bobbins" on the wrong side of the work .Hard for me to explain but someone else can:)
Scroll down to preparation .
Try googling this line. (I've deliberately used a US spelling to try to find more pages):
intarsia color change diagonal

That appears to find the type of thing which you're looking for.
Have you looked at tutorials on YouTube? Helped someone with a similar problem watching video on there. Unfortunately, I don't have a link for you
You weave the coloured wool through the back of the stitches to get to the area it needs to be, do not just have yarn going over the stitches where it is not needed.
Ever come across the Sanquhar knitting pattern? My Mum learnt it while working in a school evacuated to the Scottish borders during the war, and I still have a couple of pairs of the gloves she knitted, as in the link below. Seriously impressive:

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Intarsia Knitting - Colour Change Point Varied/random

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