Changing A Death Certificate And Green Form

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Greedyfly | 22:20 Thu 21st Jan 2016 | How it Works
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Today we registered a death and at the time of registration we were under the impression that the deceased wanted to be buried. Unfortunately different information has come to light and it turns out that Cremation is how the deceased will go.

Having been asked by the doctor certifying the death and the registrar 'burial or cremation' will it matter that this info has changed?

We have checked both the green form and death certificates for this information and neither state burial or cremation so I am assuming the question was asked for their records?

Any know anything about this?




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I was never asked this when I lost my Mum Greedy. I don't see why it would concern the doctors or the registrar, so I would say the next of kin has that say, unless, of course it's been written in the Will. Sorry for your loss xx
Wouldn't the council need to know?
Question Author
Thanks Mazie, changing info on such important documents is a stress I don't need to deal with.
For a cremation you need the signatures of two doctors, for burial you only need one. Hope his helps.
I think you have to answer different questions for cremation.
I think clearance for cremation is required if the deceased had a pacemaker fitted for his/her heart,( they can explode during cremation.) Not sure if things like metal hip implants affect cremation as well.
Suggest you contact the register office to check, or maybe the funeral director.

If the deceased is embalmed then they can't be cremated. Likewise if they had a pacemaker fitted, it would need to be removed before cremation. I can't think that the registrar would need to to know this, though. It would most likely be the concern of the funeral director and, if relevant, the coroner.
Really? If they've been embalmed?
Question Author
Thanks all, the plan is to call tomorrow to check with the hospice where the deceased is. Embalming and so on isn't an issue just yet.
Greedy fly - have you seen my link, there's quite a bit to it.
Ummmm why would the council need to know?
Greedyfly.meant to say clearance for cremation is needed ' in case' (not if) the deceased had a heart pacemaker fitted. If there is a pacemaker it has to be removed before cremation.
Eddie...the cemeteries are owned by the council.
Ummmm,The embalming fluid would cause the body to give off toxic fumes during cremation ,so it can not be used if a body is to be cremated.
@EDDIE51 - metal hip joints etc. can remain in place for cremation. They don't burn but are separated from the cremated remains afterwards. They are then buried later in consecrated ground. Things like gold rings and the like have to be removed from the deceased because they can't easily be separated after cremation (they distort) and can create problems with the cremulator.

I only know this because I've spent this afternoon typing up risk assessments for crematorium operatives.
Ummmm, if a body is buried it make no difference to the cemetery if it has been embalmed or not. Embalming preserves a body in a more 'life like' state if it is to be viewed over several days or by a lot of people. Not normally carried out for 'ordinary' peoples funerals. It is also very expensive.
I know what embalming does I just didn't know embalmed bodies couldn't be cremated.

My nan died on the 7th Jan and isn't being cremated until the 28th. I have a horrible image in my head now.

Sorry Greedyfly x
Ummm be calm, these days they have very big very cold storage.
Thanks x
Also, if there is to be a 'natural' burial, then they can't be embalmed either.

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Changing A Death Certificate And Green Form

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