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Missing Channels And Poor Epg On Humax Recorder

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BJS | 16:31 Thu 21st May 2015 | How it Works
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On my Humax 9300T recorder there are quite a few channels missing that can be found on my TV. Also the EPG is supposed to be 7 days but don't get that many. Have tried Automatic and Manual tuning but seemed to make it worse. I live in the Portsmouth/Gosport area in Hampshire. Am a wrinklie so not to technical please and thank's in advance for any help.


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I have a Humax freeview box (not recorder) and the EPG is not that good. It's ok when first switched on but fails to update properly and in about half an hour al lit shows are the titles. I thought there was a fault but when I contacted the help line I was told that was normal !

I'd not be surprised if their fancier recorder models were suffering also. Despite their name and reputation I think they have a bit to be desired. But missing channels sounds odd. You have rescanned from scratch haven't you ? These boxes tend to have 2 options for scanning. add to what is already there (not usually a good idea) and scrub what you have and look anew.

"Manual" is too much work unless you know the frequencies you are looking for. And if the "Auto" doesn't find the station anyway, the signal can't be up to much.
Missing channels are usually a sign of poor signal strength. (Digital TV channels are transmitted in 'bundles', called 'multiplexes', with each of those bundles using a different frequency. All TV aerials are, by the laws of physics, better at receiving some frequencies than others so, if the signal strength isn't good enough, you'll lose the channels within particular 'bundles').

Missing data (e.g. that required to update your EPG) is another indication of poor signal strength. (The signal strength at your aerial isn't constant; it's affected by the weather, atmospheric pressure, the solar sunspot cycle, interference from electrical devices used by your neighbours, trees blocking the signal path, etc).

So the first thing to do is to check that your aerial is properly plugged into your Humax recorder (and also to check any other connections in the lead). Then take a look outside to check that the wind hasn't knocked your aerial out of alignment. Also zoom in on this map to check that there's not any temporary engineering work reducing the signal strength in your area:

If you can't locate any problems there, a simple signal booster might well fix your problem. All of the big supermarkets sell them (usually for around a tenner) but this one from Maplin, although rather more expensive, offers greater 'gain'. (It's what I use myself).

Given that you already get the majority of channels anyway, that's likely to solve your problem. Otherwise you'll need to get an aerial fitter to upgrade your aerial for you. (NB: The majority of aerial installers probably know very little about their job. Make sure you find someone who actually does, via this website: )
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Thanks for the info given. What I can't understand is why the Tele gets all the channels and not the Humax. My aerial is in the loft and is a outside aerial I bought when I was stationed in Scotland in the mid70's and colour TV was just starting there. It has saved me well for TV reception from then. We have a Tx on the IOW so am very close. You say Buenchio that you have a aerial booster. I have purchased aerial amplifiers before but did not seem to do much.
Apologies for omitting a link above. This is the signal booster I recommend:
(It's got higher 'gain' and less 'noise' than those sold in supermarkets, making it one of the best models available).

>>>What I can't understand is why the Tele gets all the channels and not the Humax

Simply because different makes/models of receiving devices have differing 'sensitivities' (i.e. their ability to cope with weak signals). The tuner circuitry in your TV set clearly has greater sensitivity than that in your Humax recorder.
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Will try to get and fit one can't do any harm. I did mean to add previously that I did manage to get a full 8 day EPG so some progress. I did find a link to tune in the require bundle no's i.e. BBC is 24 Would post the link but don't know how to. Did get a bit confused as there was about 6 bundle no's and you have to go back to the start to download each number. Would have thought that would change the stations already downloaded.
Manual tuning can be rather tricky; I think of myself as reasonably technically-minded but I try to avoid it! Automatic tuning should do the job for you anyway once you've improved the signal.

For future reference though, posting a link is really easy:
Go to the page you want to link to.
Right-click in your browser's address bar. (That will highlight the link and bring up a list of options).
Click 'Copy'
Come to where you want to post the link on AB, right-click and select 'Paste' (ensuring that you leave a space both before and after the link)
Job done!
Question Author

Look at that never too old to learn and 80 is fast approaching

Look at this link (hoping it will work) and you will see what I meant about manual tuning each bundle no. I have tried Manual and did manage it OK. also Whilst in ASDA this evening bought a £10 booster so will try and fit it tomorrow.
Thanks for your post.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;-)

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Missing Channels And Poor Epg On Humax Recorder

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