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hc4361 | 13:03 Thu 05th Mar 2015 | How it Works
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Would it worthwhile to switch to a water meter? I have just received my annual invoice for £386.49 comprising:

Total water charge: £176.37
Total used water charge: £210.12

If I did have a water meter I'd still have to pay the fixed used water charge, I think.


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We switched to a meter about 2 years ago and find our bill has roughly halved. Down from almost £100 a month to £50 most months. We are in the South West with South West Water. We are a little more careful with how we use it but don't go over the top trying to save it and still use the power washer a couple of times a year for a few hours at a time.
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I've had another thought about the water meter.
A hydrant is very near my stopcock and every time it is used my water is fouled and I have to run the tap until it is clear - this has taken more than half an hour.
On average the hydrant is used six times a year but it can be for days at a time if there are roadworks or building going on.

Any suggestions?
Since having a water meter installed , I now pay less than half of my previous amount. At the moment I pay about £15 a month. It's been well worth it in my case.
Raise it with the water supplier before you sign.
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Thanks, woofgang, I've emailed them. I'm hoping they'll be able to sort the problem out once and for all, especially as new houses are due to be built opposite me and I can see the hydrant being used a lot while that is going on.
No choice here. Obligatory water meters.
We have a meter, 2 people in a 4 bedroom house, £530 a year
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Eeek, Prudie. I guess your water bills were high when they were unmetered. Or you have a swimming pool
It was here when we moved in, we also think our bill is terribly high
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Prudie have you checked for leaks and asked the water company to?
Water meters are set to become compulsory for everyone anyway.
We are on a meter and greatly reduced our bills over 15 or so years now.

We are with Anglian Water and using the So-low tariff.

Until my Daughter in Law tried to go onto the same tariff 2 months ago we were unaware it was being phased out.

No notification from Anglian Water but I see its on there web page.

Not everyone checks out tariff changed, its a bit cheeky of them to sneak it in this way.

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