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In the paper at the weekend there was a story that Typhoons had been scrambled from Lossiemouth as there was a Russian Tupolev bomber near Bournemouth.

The article mentioned the Typhoon is capable of flying at twice the speed of sound.

Assuming the Typhoon travelled at twice the speed of sound, how long would it take to get from Scotand to the South coast?


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About half an hour at full speed.
Question Author
Thank you.
Scotland to Portsmouth would take about 20 minutes.
1536mph over distance of 500miles.
Lossiemouth to Portsmouth by road is 600+ miles, Dizmo. Farther if the flight was supersonic most of the way as it would probably have to fly over water because of noise issues plus the plane has to accelerate an decelerate as it leaves and arrives.
Why don't we settle on 'pretty quickly'? :-)
douglas9401: We were both correct I suppose, we were using different locations :) I just used the centre of Scotland. I shall shake your hand my good fellow and agree that it's 'pretty quick' ;)

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Typhoon Fighter Jet

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