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Chris38 | 11:55 Sun 09th Nov 2014 | How it Works
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I always double click on the above icon, basically because it seems to be the right thing to do in order to remove accumulated rubbish after a PC session ( usually seeking crossword solutions via the answerbank). It is noticeable that the number of cookies, in particular, increases a lot at weekends - usually to well over 100. Does cleaning actually achieve anything? I have in mind some rather offensive (and frequent) spam messages attempting to sell various drugs. I never open these messages - is there any possibility they might infect my PC with viruses notwithstanding the fact that I have a protection system in place?


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By Cg Cleaner do you mean CCleaner?

If so, rather than using it just to clear cookies is somewhat cumbersome. Why not set your Internet Browser to delete 'cookies' when closing the browser down?

Most cookies are harmless and are required by your browser to 'build' the website you see on screen. The more websites you browse the more 'cookies' you get.

Yes, there are some dodgy cookies but with up to date security measures in place and sensible browsing most 'surfers' are safe.
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Thanks, SlackAlice. Yes, I did mean CCleaner. I don`t have a problem with the CCleaner being cumbersome - anyway, using it cleans off various other bits and pieces as well. What I was hoping was that cleaning would reduce the number of cookies infecting my PC (including some rather obnoxious ones). It seems that the answer is no! Pity.
If you simply want to clear your internet traces (including cookies), here's what millions of people (including me) use every day:

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