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Danfoss Tp5000 Si

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delayed | 22:14 Thu 25th Sep 2014 | How it Works
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Can anyone help please I am programming my wireless thermostat now as weather getting chilly it is set as 5/2 with four events a day I have set all the times to come on and off and the temperature but the display is showing sat/sun when it's Thursday I have reset several times but still keeps showing as sat/sun. Thank you denise


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Surely it allows you to set the present date/time in addition to the switching times. Doesn't the manual/user guide give details ?

If date/time is supposed to be automatic then maybe the boiler has a fault.
As you say it is 5/2 I suspect that you have set 5 days, mon - fri and it wants a different set of values for the 2 days of sat and sun
I have one of these but looking at the User Instructions online, it is clear to me that the current version has more software inside it that tracks more settings.

Looking at the current version, the first part of the set up is to input the year number, month, date, followed by the current time. Then you move onto setting all the on/off sequences in blocks. It sounds like you are doing this bit correctly.

I reckon you are probably inputting the year code incorrectly at the first stage. If you get this wrong, when the software calculates what day of the week it is today, it gets it wrong. That would explain why when you return to normal mode, it thinks you are two days ahead.

Come back to us if this diagnosis is incorrect.
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thank you all for your replies i appreciate the help and the time you have taken to reply..this worcester bosch boiler was installed about 14 months ago no problem with boiler and thermostat fairly straight forward to programme but in summer i set the thermostat to the frost setting and now i have come to program it for winter,as the installer had set the year ect i assumed that would still be programmed in but maybe the year does need setting again,i didnt want to go into settings that i did not understand and cock it up all together ha ha..but thank you all again i will go back to the drawing board..denise
Question Author
hello all problem solved. thank you buildersmate it was the year that was the problem all up and working ok.obviously with it being switched off must have lost the year input..denise

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Danfoss Tp5000 Si

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