amazon dispatch but then a full refund?

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what..the? | 23:28 Tue 10th Jul 2012 | How it Works
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I ordered some really brilliant wrapping paper that you wouldn't be able to get in the shops it was 2 sheets plus 2 tags and was like £2 with 80p delivery. Middle of today i got a dispatch confirmation, now this evening I got an email saying I was getting a full refund for the item, as it was automated it didn't say why there was a refund. The items from a third party/market place seller. I logged on to my amazon account to see it still says dispatched??

Anyone else had this before??


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I've not had that problem but I think it's a case of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing. I recently had an e mail saying the item had been dispatched that day, that was OK except I had received the item two days earlier..
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ahhhh that must have been useful :)
No. But marketplace is monitored quite closely by Amazon so if you write to them they will look into it. I think that you have to take your chances as to whether the item you ordered has been sold before you get there - Amazon don't promise anything - but in any case Amazon would cancel the charges if you have not received the goods. They are very good. (usually)
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I have checked the actual item page out and it is now listed as unavailable so I don't know if I got the last one and they are confused or I'm plainly not receiving my order???
Get in touch with Amazon, they'll investigate for you.

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amazon dispatch but then a full refund?

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