Hotpoint Fridge Freezer - noise!

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moggie 939 | 11:16 Mon 26th Sep 2011 | How it Works
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My 3 year old FF is noisy. Engineer came out and replaced the 'circuit board?' but no difference.

What I cannot understand is that it switches on and off almost exactly every 30 mins. Stays on for 30 mins and then off for same time!

On previous F.Freezers they only cut in when the temp dropped. So why every 30 mins?

Thanks anyone


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Don't see how changing the 'circuit board' can ever make a difference to a noisy FF.
Noise is most likely to come from a vibrating motor that drives the condenser pump - so changing a circuit board will do nought. It is vaguely possible that noise is coming from the sound of the refrigerent moving through the pipework (it sometimes seems to make a slight squeaky noise).
So you've neen sold a pup.
Regarding your second enquiry I agree that such devices have a thermostat that drives the interval between cooling sessions.
unfortunately i cant offer any advice, but Hotpoint has some terrible write ups..
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Thanks builders mate. Will bite bullet and get a better FF. Some friends have a Panasonic which is much more expensive but seems to be very quiet indeed - are japanese For Funks Sake better made? I have a lot of Panasonic items ie Hi-Fi and Lumix camera and they are top quality
Thanks again
Hi, I have a Hotpoint Frost Free one of these and it makes a lot of noise mostly due to the fan which is on the go most of the time. I used to like Hotpoint but they are now made abroad and they seem to use the cheapest parts they can find to make them but still charge a lot for them. Had the engineer in a few times and changed many parts but still noisey. I also have a Cannon cooker, same firm and that is also now made abroad and they have changed it for new one 3 times as they couldn't get them to work properly. My old Cannon one worked for many years with no trouble. Got to agree with chas2008 Hotpoint and Cannon have bad reviews lately. They are now part of the Indesit group. I will go for something else next time, so looking for ideas on makes.
If you intend to buy another FF moggie I can recommend LEC !
Very reliable
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Thanks Redman - I will look into those.

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Hotpoint Fridge Freezer - noise!

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