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fire proof surface

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kobi | 18:57 Mon 29th Aug 2011 | How it Works
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Hey guys.

Just got an electric fan assisted oven (the type that use to be known as a pizza oven) designed to be fitted into the units. Cant afford to do this so I have to make a platform for it to rest on under the worktop.

Scared to put it directly onto a wooden surface incase it compromises the structure of the wood even though the heat generated is from an electrical source rather than an open flame. was thinking of putting a layer of ceramic tiles/red bricks/formica or something along those lines between the wood and the oven.

Will this be enough to protect the wood or do you have any other suggestions



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I bought a piece of stainless steel sheet from a seller on ebay, it was cut to size and is easy to keep clean.
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thanks annieigma. That would be a nice solution but it can be quite tricky to come across. I'll have a search on ebay now to see if I can find them. You dont happen to have them saved on your account do you, if its not too cheeky to ask ;) thanks
sorry, no idea, had to re-load windows and all my stuff was deleted, but if you type in steel sheet to ebay, you will find loads of sellers, you don't need anything too thick, so I don't suppose it will cost too much and will be very safe.

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not to worry annieigma, just looked on ebay, there are loads of people selling steel sheets. Thats a neat option, thanks. how flexible are the sheets do you think they would bend under the weight of roughly 40kg?
Just go to the builders merchants and buy some cement fibre-board . it's use on roof verges to mortar the space under slates on top of battens to close gap. It can also be used as heat-proof barrier as it has properties like asbestos sheet. Available different widths .
I have used in kitchens to heat-isolate AGA's from cupboards.
Why don't you just try it on a non flammable surface first to see how hot it gets. You may be looking for a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Most ovens sold nowadays have to meet stringent interior insulation standards.

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fire proof surface

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