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anotheoldgit | 15:32 Sun 20th Mar 2011 | Home & Garden
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Do others think those solar panel garden lights are a waste of time.

I purchased numerous stainless steel ones last year, and although I have recharged the batteries via a battery charger, they still fail to light after a short period of time.

To replace the cheap rechargeable batteries with new ones would cost more than buying completely new lights.


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I think they are a complete waste of time and won't buy them again. They don't actually light up the surrounding area anyway (although they look pretty when new). None of mine worked well after a year.
I have had 3 lots 3 years running. I am not buying anymore!!
connected up my solar panel to the string of lights I have and they are working fine.
Just to 'rub it in' this was a cheapo set I bought 2 yrs ago.
You get what you pay for, buy cheap expect crap!
These things WILL work better if the original cheapo batteries are replaced by the latest hybrid rechargeables (eg Sanyo Eneloop) but they aren't cheap. The weak part of these lights,as supplied, is the batteries - the solar panels and the LED "lights" are usually fine.

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Garden lights

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