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Vibrating mole deterrents

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buildersmate | 08:42 Tue 15th Jun 2010 | Home & Garden
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Do they work? I don't want to kill or catch them - just keep them out of my vegetable patch. Area affected is about 3 metres by 5 metres.


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this guy didn't think they were very effective...
- that wasn't very helpful, was it? sorry...
They were selling mole deterrants in B+Q in Northern Ireland. Trouble was, there are no moles here
Hi BM..we were overun with moles and we tried everything to persuade them to leave.Like yourself we did not want to harm them as we live in the country and believe they have a right to live there too.Eventually I bought 4 battery powered sonic devices. These seemed to work quite well but the batteries did not last long.. if you forgot to replace them the moles returned in days.
Ive since swapped these for the solar type and in the last twelve months ive only had 4 molehills.Before using them I would get 20 each week.We have an acre of lawn and the 4 devices seem to work......for us!!!
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Thanks, BS.
Any particular make or source that you used?
Sonic mole repeller from Best pest£15.99.try it out but give it time..when I first put mine in the hills were appearing within inches of it.As I say they worked for us but you may have deaf could always try one of those African trumpets!!
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Ta muchly. My fledgling leeks are a complete mess after last night's activities.

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Vibrating mole deterrents

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