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How can we drive up our steep driveway in snow?

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growbag | 17:47 Sun 20th Dec 2009 | Home & Garden
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We live in a house with a very steep driveway and getting up it to the house is a nightmare in the snow and ice. Today I only just managed to get the car up to it. My neighbour suggested buying a couple fo lengths of rubber matting to make it easier for the tyres to grip, but my husband thinks this will be even more dangerous as the matting will just slip down the driveway once the car is on it. Our driveway is gravel, and my husband is trying to roughen the ice with a spade, mixing the gravel in but it is still like a skating rink. We can't leave the car in the road as our lane is too narrow and we would be blocking the road if we did that. Does anyone know if the rubber matting idea would work or is there another/better solution?


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would it be possible to park at the bottom of the driveway - just up it enough not to be in the lane??
Growbag , have the same problem , now I just turn in and park at the bottom, so that I am off road.I leave car in forward gear and handbrake on.
My daughter has a steep driveway but managed okay............unfortunately she had to call a mechanic out yesterday as she'd pulled the handbrake on rather hard and it had frozen.........
Your local stables could supply you with woodchip or straw bales. Spread over drive should give good grip.
My friend had the same problem, he went to the local builder's merchant and bought a couple of bags of their cheapest gravel, mixed in a couple of bags of cooking salt and spread it along the drive where the car wheels touch, he then left it for an hour or so and the salt had softened the surface of the ice enough for him to work some of the gravel into the surface with a spade, it worked a treat! He is however giving it a dusting of salt every evening, in case it freezes up again! Depends, I suppose how long your driveway is, as to whether this would be practical in your case, but I hope it helps...................................welsh
It does all depend on how long and steep is your drive... I have a very moderately slopping drive; downwards towards the garage; so has my next-door neighbour who on one ocassion couldn't reverse out of her drive.(Perhaps her husband was still in bed.) I solved the problem by spreading a linen dustsheet behind the rear wheels of the car and, once under way, there seemed to be enough momentum to keep the car going over the next fifteen or so yards ( I fail on guessing distances in metres.)

Short of saying, "Lay out a carpet" I cant better what other folk have said.

Best wishes...Hope you have an enjoyable Christmas.......Ron.
Don`t do as Brenda says about 1st gear in forward position, put it in reverse and then it can`t roll forward and don`t apply handbrake until you want to drive off again in case it freezes, also to be extra safe put a block under the two front wheels.
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carlton 23 -- roll forward uphill.????????????
Perhaps and electric winch is the permanent answer?
get some snow chains!!!
FAO Brenda, I was referring to if the car was reversed into the driveway facing downhill, as `growbag` states that she has problems getting UP the driveway I believe. Please read the FIRST line of her post.
carlton -- thank you for your message , my answer to the post said " I just turn in", there was no mention of me reversing in.You didn't specify reversing in either.So on that note-- Best wishes for Christmas.
Sorry Brenda, my mistake. Seasons Greetings to you and yours also.

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How can we drive up our steep driveway in snow?

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