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Granite Transformations (Kitchen Worktops)

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Young Foster | 09:33 Thu 13th Aug 2009 | Home & Garden
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I have placed an order with the above company after seeing their advertisement on TV.

Has anyone used this company before and did you have a good experience?

I would also ask if you have had it installed can you please let me know what you think?

Thank you for your help.



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Having looked at the website, my only observation is that it isn't granite - it's tiny bits of granite pressed into a polymer material and set hard.
Strikes me that's a bit of a swiz - because the high cost of granite (or indeed other slab materials that are hewn from solid rock) is because of the cutting, processing and transforming cost.
However if you know that and have gone into it with your eyes open and compared at least 3 alternative quotes for similar things, including real granite (which should be ruddy sight more expensive) you've probably done OK.
I see it as buying chipboard, when one could buy real wood.
hi, not certain of this product/company, but if you can afford it no substitue for real granite, had it fitted 5 years ago, expensive but honestly still looks as new as the day it was fitted.

used as chopping board hot pots/pans and children dont even cloud it.. definitely worth the extra

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Granite Transformations (Kitchen Worktops)

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