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Wedgewood Jewellery

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mrsmurphey | 11:36 Sat 01st Aug 2009 | Home & Garden
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I have been given a set of Wedgewood jewellery. pendanton chain, earrings and brooch. Unfortunately the silver settings and chain are very badly tarnished. Can anyone help me with a method of cleaning which will not damage the blue jasper.


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I've got some wedgewood jewellery that was my mum's & luckily I've found the leaflet's still in the box...she never threw anything out :o)

"Care of Wedgewood jewellery

When not in use your jewellery is best kept in it's original box. To clean the cameo & retain the brightness of the mount, wash in hot soapy water using a soft brush. After rinsing & drying, wipe over with a branded silver polishing cloth. On no account use abrasives."

I'm assuming yours is open mount too mrs m (ie you can see the jasper from the back)...if not & it's silver backed don't put it into water. I'd just dip a cloth into the soapy solution & rub it well & dry thoroughly. soapy - I'd use a couple of drops of fairy liquid or a gentle handwash, not soap powder.

Robi, email for you! (Sorry, mrsmurphey!)
(Nothing to do with you mrsmurphey, I just happened to see Robinia on your thread and my email is a bit urgent. Again, sorry!)
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Many thanks Robinia, I will certainly try this when I have purchased a silver cleaning cloth Mrs.
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Silver dip<a href="">.</a>

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Wedgewood Jewellery

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