Driveways, what do you think ?

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LaughingGirl | 21:32 Sun 28th Jun 2009 | Home & Garden
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We are thinking of having a new driveway, what is the best type of driveway that does not get lots of weeds & grass growing in the groves, we would like to have maintenance free, any suggestions on different typs.

We thought about having block paving but that seems to got lots of weeds and grass growing in the edges of the blocks, any other suggestions.


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4inches of concrete will do it.
Any driveway so long as it`s not laid by a pikey
imprinted concrete will not get you can choose colours and patterns for it too
Most of our neighbours have got the imprinted concrete. They look good. Especially the ones that look like cobbles. We have got block paving and they are high maintenace when it comes to weeds. You need to give them regular soaks with weed killer. The imprinted concrete is expensive, but once it is down thats it, maintenance free!.
Don't forget that unless you choose a permeable surface then you will probably need planning permission for the new driveway under the new rules that came in Oct 2008.
I've got block paving, it gets a one year dose of pathclear and it looks good.
The imprinted coloured concrete is good, but make it's done properly and guaranteed.
First of all do your homework and go for a walk and look at your neighbours driveways anyone you like knock on their door and compliment them on it most people will only be to glad to tell you who done it for them.We have had a block driveway for years and the best thing to stop the weeds growing through the gaps is to use a sealer,but get a good one from a builders merchant,a bit expensive but you won't regret it. And one other thing make sure what ever drive you decide on, it will last only as long as the foundations are,get a good base laid
Be aware that some local councils are now refusing planning permission for any type of concreted/paved over driveway because they increase the risk of local flooding, where there is nowhere for the water to soak away. Block paving does seem to attract weeds and they can be a nightmare to erradicate. Shingle also attracts the same problem eventually, even when it is put down over a thick weed-proof membrane. Our driveway is tarmac. It's gone for 30 years without attracting weeds although one or two cracks are now finally starting to spawn the odd weed. The secret of avoiding weeds will partly depend on the quality of the builders who lay your new drive and how thorough they are in its preparation.

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Driveways, what do you think ?

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